GUI Command Line Program Launcher



  run-free is a GUI command line launcher application for your Xwindows desktop. It is designed to be key-driven and flexible.
  The purpose for run-free is to be able to flexibly run command line programs and such from your X desktop without having to use your mouse.
  run-free is a pure C implementation of gtk+1.2 in an effort to maintain the widest compatibility across systems.
  In order to use run-free it is suggested (and intended) that you bind 'run-free [options]' to a keystroke sequence in your X window manager.




  • Run a command line from your GUI desktop.
  • Run your commands in a terminal.
  • Optionally run a shell after a command has executed in a terminal.
  • Easy to use keystrokes with a help reference.
  • Persistent mode (keep run-free on your desktop)
  • Allow Bash aliases to be used (i.e. dircolors).
  • Specify the use of a particular history file.
  • Specify the use of a particular X terminal.
  • Specify the the length of your history list.
  • Gtk+ 1.2 & C compatibility.
  • Small footprint and relatively fast.


Screenshots: (these are all in 1024x768 resolution)

screenshot This is a screenshot of various views of run-free running.
screenshot-1 This screen shot depicts run-free executing a command and providing output in a terminal.
screenshot-2 Here is a desktop shot of run-free running in 'persistent mode' where it stays open after executing a command. It shows that run-free has just executed two commands, one that outputs to a terminal window and another that outputs to a terminal and starts a shell in the same window. Here you can see the keystroke help dialog box as well.
screenshot-3 This is a development screenshot. The author's emacs terminal and run-free performing an operation.
screenshot-4 This shot shows run-free running twice. A keystroke help dialog is displayed and historical listing of previous commands that are executed are shown as well.

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